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All prospective new clients begin with a complimentary introduction session. This is a 60-minute, one-on-one session that gives you a chance to see the studio, learn a bit about the program methods and philosophy, and go through an initial health and wellness consultation. It’s a great way for you to see if Method Strength is a good fit for you! I’ll also answer all your questions about membership, programs, and pricing.

What about this is different from working with other personal trainers?

Method Strength is the fitness training system developed by David Rascoe that integrates strength, mobility, and nutrition personal coaching to get the best results in the most efficient and effective way possible. The program is unique and customized to fit every individual’s needs.

      • Expertise on mobility, flexibility, self-care techniques and instruction to prevent or correct movement dysfunction and improve performance
      • Specialization in injury recovery and training busy working adults over the age of 30

Any program can work for 6 weeks, we believe in a system that will work for 6 decades.

My most recent journey to better health began in June 2015, about 9 months ago. At 58 years of age I weighed in pre-shower at an uncomfortable 205. My goal was simple; lose weight and improve mobility, flexibility and stamina. Since working with my coach, Dave Rascoe on both the physical components as well as diet and nutrition, I now stand on the scales at a comfortable 180. Bottom line I am now twenty-five pounds lighter and have lots of energy!! I am also training for a 200-mile bike ride with my son from Seattle to Portland, Oregon this July. The comparison from the old me, just 9 months ago, to the new me is striking. I feel better and to me at least, I look better.

While it took commitment on my part it also took the enthusiastic support of my dedicated coach. Dave coached me through and encouraged changes in my daily habits and lifestyle that were the underpinnings of my former self. Dave has been relentless in challenging me to push beyond my twice a week work out schedule with him in studio. He constantly sends me motivational material to encourage me and workout videos aimed at refining my workouts to maximize results. Hard work, commitment, dedication with an indefatigable and informed coach is what has rewarded me with the dividends of a healthier me. Thanks Dave.

Scott Gregson

Are you looking for someone who is knowledgable and truly cares about your health and fitness goals? Look no further, Method Strength is here. I met with Dave for a 90 minute consult and I could have listened to him for hours. I took home a lot of valuable, new information and am very motivated to put it all to use. He is not only knowledgable, he is supportive, genuine, and a great listener. I still have a great deal to learn, but Dave has set in motion a wonderful lifestyle change that I have fully embraced. I recommend Method Strength to anyone who is looking to develop a healthy relationship with food and eating, and who is looking to improve his or her quality of life. He will guide you, support you, and care about you every step of the way.

Shelby Bissen

Alright peeps. Listen up. They call me the Commander because I am a retired Navy Commander. After 28 years of traveling the world and taking care of bad guys along with playing rugby for over 20 years, my body was basically a splintered 2×4. No strength, no mobility. Throw in a recently shattered ankle and you have a recipe for a 400lb coach potato. Not this cowboy. I wanted to become one of the best rugby referees in Texas.

I asked Dave 15 months ago to help me reach my goal. Let’s cut to the chase. Through his detailed but easy to follow plans in mobility, strength, and diet, I am in the best shape of my life and I am 48 years old. I am not only one of the top rugby referees in Texas but have made it into National assignments. I sleep, eat and live better than ever.

There is a catch. You have to be disciplined. If you can’t commit to everything it takes to have a healthy, fit life then go join some wannabe gym and tell people you “work out”. OR, get off that couch and go see Dave and get on the path to awesomeness. For the first time in my life I am getting comments like “you are shredded” and “you are ripped”. Age is just a number folks. Why treat it like a burden?

Butch Neuenschwander

Dave has helped me reach goals I thought I never could attain. He leads you to where you need to be and gives you great support getting there making it possible. I’m pain free, eat the cleanest I’ve ever eaten and actually can see a six pack for once in my life. I came to him to help with pain management for my back, in the meantime we accomplished every other goal on my “I wish” list. He is legit and I’m glad I’ve gotten the privilege to train with him.

Lindsay Neath Hall

Mother of 3 and Homeschool Teacher

I started working out with Dave last fall when I was in a really rough mental state of mind new to town.  I knew him through some mutual friends and wanted a personal trainer to get me in really great shape at age 41.  I had a lot of previous injury issues with my elbows and back, and I was able to overcome all those.  There’s a thing I’d like to mention, Dave’s positive attitude uplifts your soul and that’s a big part of getting into great shape. He will take a real 360 approach to you and you’re going to have to make some effort beyond just showing up at the gym.  The other thing I like as a business owner is I didn’t realize I was actually over training my body.  I was working out 6 days a week consistently and there was some nagging injury.  Now I’m working out 4 days a week and my body is in better shape.  With that said I did clean up my diet and I’ve worked a lot on things like getting more sleep and reducing my stress levels, but he is by far and away the best trainer I worked with and I’ve worked with probably a dozen.

Chad Hart

I’ve been training with Dave for a little over a year, I have seen some incredible results other than just what the scale says. I’ve lost 3-4 pants sizes, increased my strength #’s dramatically, look better in the mirror, and more importantly feel better every day. Dave has been a staple in my life to hold me accountable and also encourage me to stay on track. He goes 1000% on giving you the tools and resources you need to be successful, but the biggest thing is it’s up to you and it takes consistency over time to make dramatic changes. It doesn’t always happen in 4-6 weeks for most people, it happens over 1-2 years. If you’re committed, he’s committed!!!

Scott Hall

Coach Dave Rascoe is the most voracious, funny, caring, and humble human I have ever met. He will change the strength and conditioning industry and I am just happy to be along for the ride.

Dr. Ben House

Dave is amazing! He’s so motivational and always so pumped and positive! I started with Dave after my former coach moved away. I needed someone in-person to hold me accountable and my former coach thought my personality would work well with Dave’s. Boy was he right! We have such a blast at workouts (rocking the Zack Hemsey) and Dave regularly checks in to see how the week is progressing and keep me motivated. Dave took me on two months pregnant as a pretty sedentary but hypermobile petite female. Workouts aren’t normally designed for sedentary (vs. athletic), pregnant (vs. non-pregnant), petite (5’2” vs. anything else), females (vs. males); Dave knocks it out of the park! He does a ton of research for clients (he’s always learning and sharing), customizes everything for clients, is really amazing at follow up and caring about you as a person, and unfortunately but super willingly has had to order some short-person equipment to accommodate my height (I get boosters :p). Workouts are always super entertaining; he’s encouraging, accommodating and a great listener. I’m now eight months pregnant and can honestly move it along better than a lot of non-pregnant people and those half my age! I’m having a really great time with him and a super fun and movement-based pregnancy. So grateful for Dave!

Taylor Pfaff Youngblood

Dave is absolutely fantastic! Before ever starting my first session with him, he had armed me with a plethora of knowledge to immediately start improving my health. I leave training sessions feeling energized and euphoric, not exhausted and beaten. I love his attention to body mechanics and breath. Coming from a background of yoga and massage, I know how important that is… it is the most important thing. He is 100% dedicated to your health, enthusiastic, always researching and continuing his learning and sharing that knowledge with you, and has pretty good taste in music. Dave is the man!

Becky Lynn Smith

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